The eLearning Ninja Suite

A simple and powerful set of cloud based eLearning authoring tools that allow the rapid creation of interactive HTML5 based SCORM courses.

Course Ninja

Do you need to build interactive, multimedia-rich SCORM courses & quizzes?

Doc Ninja

Do you need to convert your existing content to SCORM - and add videos and quizzes?

Media Ninja

Do you need to convert Youtube, Vimeo or SoundCloud to a trackable SCORM package?

Freebies & Plugins

We’ve been working in e-learning industry for decades so we’ve learned a thing or two about what course developers are looking for. Wordpress to Moodle. Token Enrolment for Moodle. SCORM Previewer/Debugger. Access now for free.

Audio Presentation Ninja

Combine audio & slides to create a timed SCORM presentation. (due very soon)

Scorm Preview Ninja

Visual learner? Drop a Scorm 1.2 package on to see how it looks.

Token Enrolment

Manage or sell places in a course as seats with the Token Enrolment plugin for Moodle.

Wordpress 2 Moodle

Sign in and enrol a user to Moodle, from Wordpress.

Free Moodle plugins are provided as-is, but we can provide customisation and support at a negotiable cost. Contact us for more information.

Custom Services

wow hows that

We have worked in e-learning for more than 15 years and whilst we have used a number of LMS platforms and content tools. We offer services that focus on in-depth needs analysis, designing effective learning curricula and setting your L&D team up for success.

Course Catalogue

Use custom fields on courses to build a catalogue

Custom Course Creation

Custom course creation?

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