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Add a chaptered audio track to your scorm-enabled presentations


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Want to join your audio and presentation slides together, as well as export it with a SCORM wrapper?

HTML5 logo We’ve got a ninja coming for that - and it’s fast and easy.

We’ve developed this app for anyone who might have slides from various sources and want to add sequenced audio to it and then have us convert it to a HTML5 SCORM course.

This is ideal if you are a teacher, lecturer, trainer or anyone who wants to produce instructive presentations. The published HTML5 SCORM course can be distributed as a standalone package playable anywhere or upload it to your LMS for tracking purposes. Share it with friends, co-workers, family or learners.

Spend your time doing what you love - presenting. We have designed this app to be simple and intuitive, so you can get on with making awesome presentations that will work in any Learning Management System.

How does this work?


Drag and drop or link a presentation file from your computer onto our browser app and we will convert it into a HTML5 slide representation.


Drag your pre-prepared media onto the app. Alternatively, you can record your own audio directly from your computer's microphone (all audio will be transcoded to html5 formats).

Slide Markers:

We’ve built a very simple slide sequencing system that allows you to work through the slides and sequence your audio to it. Slide Markers are the points in the audio track that indicate when a slide should be shown. If you recorded audio from your microphone and used the cursor keys to navigate slides as you talked, the slide markers should reflect that. If you uploaded an audio file from your computer, the slide markers will evenly distribute across the number of slides in your presentation and you can change the slide timings afterwards.



Set up your package completions requirements by selecting which slide the user must have completed before a package completion is achieved. Select your preferred layout and theme design.


The Download Package screen requires you to at least name your presentation package before you can download it. It also allows you to set other optional settings.

You can now either preview it in our Preview Ninja or download it ready to share with others or upload it in into your learning management system

See extended: documentation

What can be converted?

Any inserted file format will be transcoded into HTML5 safe formats and we support:


doc / docx
open office
google slides



We do not currently support conversion of interactions, embedded media or page transitions - just the basic slides

If your format isn't listed here? No sweat, we can likely support it. Get in touch and we can let you know.


Upload your Powerpoints and record your audio!
Adjust the timing of your slides!
Customisable colours and layout options!
Add some descriptors and download your package!

Browser requirements

We have developed the app to be most compatible with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for desktops. It might work in other browsers or might not.

The content you produce should work fine in any modern browser, depending on the capabilities and what you put in yourself, and the host LMS

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