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Say hello to the Course Assembler a powerful new eLearning tool that allows wrapping multiple file typed content into HTML5 converted structured content, add quizzes, configure and export it. 75% faster and saving you money, Try it for free today.

Need rapid eLearning software to convert and combine your existing content into HTML5?

We’ve got a ninja for that.

HTML5 eLearningDesigned to be simple to use and fast to interact with, no coding required and no learning curve. Use your preferred editor - Word, Pdf, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Slideshare, Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, images and many other formats - to create your content.

Simply drag or upload multiple content types into this app and we’ll convert it to HTML5, add your quizzes, customise your look and feel ready to export it.

Saving you time and money, this really is eLearning made easy.

In a matter of minutes, you'll be an eLearning Ninja!

Spend more time delivering, less time building

Picture this. You've been given a 75-page Word document (no doubt full of tables, images and annotations) and been told to make it into a eLearning-compliant package. Plus, it needs some videos and quizzes. And your boss has asked for it to be done yesterday.

Sure. How about in the next 5 minutes? No worries.

It's that easy. You can convert:

  • Pdf to SCORM
  • PowerPoint to SCORM
  • Google slides to SCORM
  • Word to SCORM
  • SlideShare to SCORM
  • Video to SCORM
  • MP4 to SCORM
  • Build Quizzes
  • and many more...

Build courses like a Ninja, we promise we can save you time and money

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DOC Ninja Courses

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What can be converted?

If a file format can convert to HTML5, it’s a safe bet we support it.
Format not listed here? No sweat we likely support it. Get in touch and we can let you know.

Saving Time and Money

Your current system

Your time is mostly spent EDITING. There's more steps.

DOC Ninja

Your time is mostly spent DELIVERING, less time BUILDING.

Indicative current systems and potential DOC Ninja conversion savings.

Don’t just take our word for it

Straightforward commonplace settings with sensible defaults

You can DOC multiple files and convert them from different sources, including files of different formats (combine full-page images with YouTube videos and PDF documents, for example). We offer a few easily navigable layouts optimised for most e-learning environments (just the basics). We haven't gone all out allowing you to customise every detail in the design: the aim of this tool is for you to get your content online in minutes. You can even drag the package you generate back on and continue working on it later.

Embeddable content

Learning material is often best presented using slideshows, video and audio. But video and audio are large files, with complex caveats depending on the learner's platform - you often don't know if they use an old laptop or a brand-new iPad, and what works on one might not work on the other. So, we don't let you embed video or audio. When it comes to video and audio, upload them to YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud, since those platforms do all the hard work of supporting thousands of end-user devices (and have great privacy options). But we do support images, imgur galleries and files, and even SlideShare. Need a SCORM completion after a person views half the slides in a SlideShare? Sure thing.

How it works

Your documents, images and slideshows will be converted using a cloud-based process to HTML5. The converter supports most formats such as Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Works), OpenOffice, AbiWord, Pages, KeyNote, StarWriter, Lotus Word Pro, as well as PDF, Markdown, and even many DRM-free e-book formats (mobi, epub, azw, lit, etc). In fact, if you find a format that doesn't convert then please let us know!

Create happy learners in just a few steps:

  • Your documents (e.g. PDF)
  • Drag onto Document Ninja
  • Conversion (cloud-based process)
  • Play with Layout & Settings
  • Preview to make sure
  • Download (zip file)
  • Upload to your LMS
  • Happy learners!

Completion, Progression, and other options

SCORM is the existing standard that lets reusable, platform-agnostic content communicate data to the host LMS. In most cases this boils down to a single question: Has the user completed the content? And in most courses, this is really what you care about.

In many content authoring packages on the market today, SCORM and completion settings seem unnecessarily complicated, but they don't have to be.

In our tool we have made some fundamental assumptions based on years of experience in what customers want.

  • The score of the course represents how much is completed (as a percentage).
  • Learners may leave and return more than once before they complete. We remember where they are up to, even for most embedded content.
  • Completion occurs either when the user views the last page, or gets to a certain point in the course (such as has completed 7 out of 10 pages).
  • Tracking individual pages and satisfying objectives at a page level generally doesn't happen (it's usually done at a unit, course or activity level).

We keep things simple and assume there's only two ways to progress through a course. Either page-by-page in order (like a book) or any order (you can skip pages if you choose). So there's only two settings.

Plus, you can get a completion for watching some or all of a video, or viewing a SlideShare presentation. You can track how much of the media the user has watched and score the page based on that information.

You can use your LMS's SCORM tracking tool to examine how much of a video a user has watched, plus if they get more than (say) 75%, they get a completion too. How cool is that? (p.s. if that's all you're looking for try out our Media Ninja product).

Packaging, Previewing and Exporting

There are various packaging types all designed for specific uses. The outputs include SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 1.4, IMS Content Packaging and No Wrapper (XAPI is coming). SCORM ouput is ideal for Learning Management System implementation where tracking is required. No Wrapper packaging is ideal if you want the structured HTML5 converted content to be hosted on your own site/intranet or send on to other's.

We're learning every day on how the DOC Ninja output is being used, so don't take it from us on how it should be used: Experiment.

Downloading options includes Save to Cloud, Open in Preview Ninja, Download zip. The Preview Ninja is designed to allow rapid testing of your output settings changes, keep modifying them until you find the desirable navigation style before you Save to Cloud or Download the package.

Your content is safe with you

Your content is all yours. We don't store it. In fact, it's never even uploaded to our servers. It's temporarily sent to the cloud for document conversion but is is deleted immediately afterwards.

Your content is stored by your own browser, which is permanent until you reset the app. So, after you are finished, remember to reset (especially if you are using a shared computer).

We do keep your email address on file, and we track some details about how you use our software (which settings are most popular, so we can keep improving), but that's all we know about you or your data.

What about editing?

You can change the order of pages, split long documents into multiple pages, remove or rename individual pages, and change the design or colour theme of the navigation wrapper.

This isn't an editing platform. Do your edits in your source: Word or PowerPoint or SlideShare or whatever (that is; use the tools are best at the job) and just convert their output.

But you can tweak text after the file is converted (with caution, useful for a typo or two, but not a paragraph). We have other tools with full editing capability.

Browser requirements

Develop on

Desktop only



Deliver on

All devices






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